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InterNACHI Narrative Library for Spectacular

InterNACHI Narrative Library for Spectacular

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7,500 narratives you’ll never have to write
We’ve done it for you!

This Template is Attorney Vetted!

The InterNACHI Narrative Library is available as a custom, digital template for Spectacular home inspection software. Immediately downloadable and ready-to-use, installing this template won't change the way Spectacular looks or works, but it will give you a choice of over 7,500 unique narratives for use in compiling reports.
In addition to narratives for the typical home systems, it also contains comprehensive sections on:
•    Pool and Spa;
•    Thermal imaging;
•    Log homes;
•    Commercial roofing;
•    Green building; and links to...
•    Report writing articles and help; and
•    Links to reference material including ICC codes

See how the InterNACHI Narrative Library is organized in Spectacular.

Receiving the Template
Once you have purchased, I will be notified automatically and will email you a link that will download my template to your copy of Spectacular. You may find it faster to email

Includes a FREE copy of Kenton's Reference:
In addition to over 7,500 narratives, when you purchase the InterNACHI Narrative Library for Spectacular you'll receive a free copy of Kenton's Reference, an organized collection of Word documents covering various aspects of home inspection totaling more than 40,000 words.

•    You must have Spectacular software installed to use this template.
•    No returns on digital products!
•    Price and content subject to change without notice (no updates provided).
•   Template substitution and replacement policy (if you switch software or lose this template)

For questions about this template, please contact Kenton:    720-646-8724

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