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InterNACHI Field Guide for the Inspection of Slate Roofs

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InterNACHI Field Guide for the Inspection of Slate Roofs

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Written by Kenton Shepard, author of InterNACHI’s Certified Roof Inspector course.

This 44 page field guide , containing over 75 photographs, is meant to be used as a tool to help identify problems with slate roofs. It includes information and photographs on:
  • types of slate and their characteristics
  • the production of slate roof tiles,
  • installation requirements and problems
  • the typical aging process
  • moisture damage
  • hail damage
  • footfall damage
  • Slate roof inspection
It includes references that will help in identifying the slate quarry of origin and its grade.

Introduction, 1
Slate Formation and Production, 2
• Slate Characteristics, 9
• Slate grades, 10
• Slate installation, 11
Inspecting slate Roofs, 13
Types of Slate, 14
Slate Roof Styles, 20
Installation, 24
• Field slates, 24
• Fasteners, 25
• Flashing, 27
• Valleys, 29
• Hips, 30
• Ridge, 32
Snowguards, 35
Repairs, 37
Damage, 40
• Hail, 40
• Moisture, 42
• Ice, 42

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