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InterNACHI's WDO Inspection Field Guide

InterNACHI's WDO Inspection Field Guide

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InterNACHI's Complete Field Guide to Wood Destroying Insects is the ultimate reference guide for inspectors performing wood destroying insect inspections. This guide contains many high resolution photos, illustrations, comparitive charts, diagrams of possible entry points as well as information on habits, habitat, descriptions and prevention. Use the illustrations and photos to help accurately identify the insects. Use the pictures and charts of damage to assist in recognizing infestation. The high resolution photos will help you communicate to your clients what you have observed. The illustrations will assist in determining where to look for insect infestation. The guide is meant to be taken with you on your inspections and is color coded for easy flip-to reference. It’s water resistant, UV coated, and spiral bound for on-site field evaluations. The benefit of using the field guide is to increase your accuracy in identifying wood destroying insects and the damage they cause, and to easily communicate your findings to your clients.

This field guide includes:

  • Over 80 high resolution photos
  • 25 diagrams
  • 3 comparitive charts of wood boring insects and termite groups 
  • Chart of termite activity in the USA 
  • Tips on conditions that lead to termite infestation
  • 108 pages.

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