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TOBOR X-BOT Optimus Inspection Crawler Robot

TOBOR X-BOT Optimus Inspection Crawler Robot

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Tread System
Laser Range Finder


Representing the latest in technology, the XBOT robots perform inspections from crawlspaces below to roofs high above—even in unsafe, compromised structures. Hi-def videos, photos, and sensor suite readouts are broadcast in real time, providing the most accurate, efficient, and safe inspection possible. Gathered data is stored for a full record of the inspection and automatically organized into individual job folders. Straight- forward operation, low maintenance, and optional extended warranty make XBOT robots the smart and easy tool you need. 

X-BOT Optimus

Mid-grade offering, the XBot Optimus comes equipped with Tobor's famous hi-torque drive system, pitch/roll detection, and the feature-rich control software suite. In addition, the Optimus comes with everything you need to perform remote inspections of roofing or other highly-sloped surfaces, dangerous or otherwise inaccessible spaces such as crawl-spaces. The list of included features is nothing short of impressive:

  • Standard black twill body style
  • 8.9 inch Windows tablet, fully loaded with all required software preconfigured so you don't have to
  • Multiple software "extras" to make tasks like editing/annotating and resizing photos and videos a breeze, along with utilities to aid in analyzing system health; even a photo stitching program for easy construction of super-wide-angle (panoramic) photos
  • 5x OPTICAL zoom wide-angle camera for the best remote images in the industry
  • Pan and tilt and telescoping gimbals allowing full-range camera movement with the flick of a joystick
  • On-screen accelerometer display of robot pitch and roll attitudes with user-selectable unit (e.g. degrees, pitch, rise/run)
  • Forward-looking ultra-sonic range module with realtime forward obstacle range display for measuring distances up to 300cm (almost 10 feet)
  • Compatible with laser range finder (select this optional add-on when ordering) - Super-high-accuracy laser range finder allows measurement of surfaces and objects up to 130 feet away with millimeter precision.
  • Our proprietary smart rollover prevention system, making accidental tipovers, flips, and falls off forward edges and other hazards virtually impossible without "overriding" the system
  • Our new and exclusive "Neverstuck" drive system that prevents you from getting stuck with the treads or wheels off the ground if you get straddled on a pipe or roof ridge, etc. 6 wheel drive - two wheels are non-visible under the body.
  • External joystick controller (allows physical joystick control when desired over the on-screen thumb-controller)
  • Your choice of transport including one of the following:
    • Tread package (for roofs and other high-sloped surfaces)
    • Tire package (for crawl-spaces and other non-sloped/slightly sloped terrains)
  • External Wifi receiver/transmitter for the greatest range
  • High-intensity LED headlight - illuminates the darkest of spaces for easy navigation and fantastic photos
  • External USB hub for connection of devices such as memory sticks, joystick, etc.
  • Long-lasting high-capacity battery with charger
  • Battery runtime: Approx 1.5 hours

Optional Accessories
Tread Package or Tire Package (no additional cost)
Magnetic Tread Package (+$50)
22' Lift Pole for placing the robot on a roof (+$299)
Backup/Replacement Battery (+$79)
Warranty Options - 3 Year Extended Warranty - XBOT Optimus (+$329)

Extra Accessories (Additional Sets)
Tread Package or Tire Package (+$199)
Magnetic Tread Package (+$249)

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