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Stucco Identification Field Guide

Stucco Identification Field Guide

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InterNACHI's Stucco Identification Field Guide

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Learn how to properly identify the type of stucco wall cladding on any building.
This guide was written by Ron Huffman and Dennis Rose, stucco professionals with decades of experience in the field and in the classroom.
This 16-page field guide is the companion document for the Stucco ID Decision Tree Card, which can be purchased by clicking here.  The Stucco ID Decision Tree provides a concise, step-by-step decision process for identifying the type of stucco on a building.  The Stucco ID Decision Tree encompasses the typical stucco systems in use in the United States and Canada over the past several decades; if the type of stucco on a property cannot be identified by this decision tree, then, most likely, it is not an approved system, although there may be a few exceptions or more than one type of stucco on a building.
This field guide helps you work through the step-by-step process and basic system components to correctly identify if you have:
1.  HCS/Hard-Coat Stucco
1.a  Traditional Three-Coat Stucco
1.b  One-Coat Stucco
2.  DEFS/Direct-Applied Exterior Finish System
3.  EIFS/Exterior-Applied Finish System
3.a  PB-EIFS/Polymer-Based EIFS, face-sealed or barrier EIFS
3.b  Moisture Drainage or MD-EIFS
3.c  Polymer-Modified or PM-EIFS
3.d Polyisocyanurate or PI-EIFS
4.  ICF/Insulated Concrete Forms

16 pages, 7.4 MB PDF.  You will need Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or newer to open the PDF.

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