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Married to Metal, LLC

Sewer Cleanout Cap Key Wrench

Sewer Cleanout Cap Key Wrench

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Introducing the Sewer Cleanout Cap Key Wrench, the ultimate tool for all your plumbing needs! This essential product is designed to efficiently and effortlessly remove and install sewer cleanout caps, ensuring a hassle-free maintenance experience. Hand crafted with utmost precision, this wrench features a sturdy handle, providing a comfortable grip for easy handling. The base features the patent pending spring loaded 2 in 1 key hole allowing you to match the specific cleanout cap you're working with. The inner key is thoughtfully designed to fit over the smaller cleanout cap sizes. This innovative design enables you to effortlessly twist and turn the cap, loosening or tightening it with absolute ease. With the Sewer Cleanout Cap Key Wrench, you'll never struggle again when it comes to accessing or securing sewer cleanout caps. Manufactured in Married to the Metals's own fabrication shop, this tool was created by their in-house home inspector, so they understand the importance of providing high-quality tools to professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. That's why the Sewer Cleanout Cap Key Wrench is made using premium-grade materials, ensuring its longevity and reliability. Say goodbye to flimsy and ineffective tools and embrace the efficiency and convenience this wrench has to offer. 

ONE TOOL Fits 2", 3", 3.5", 4", and 6" diameter raised plugs. 

Stuck plug? Time is money! When a wrench just won't do... Carry this 2 in 1 tool! Easily access underground sewer lines and old, stuck on cleanout caps. Save your back & energy for something funner!

~Measures  approx. 14” x 33”
~Extended 30" shaft for easy reach
~Made of alloy steel
~Durable construction, made to last
~Powder coated blue 
~Total tool weight: Heavy duty 5 lbs 15 oz

*Proudly made in the USA


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