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Inspection Wire Gauges

Inspection Wire Gauges - Complete 7 Piece Set with Cord

Inspection Wire Gauges - Complete 7 Piece Set with Cord

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Gauges designed to help professionals determine sizing of electrical wires

The set of gauges is designed to help aid inspectors and professionals in determining the size of most modern NM, SE, and THHN-THWN electrical wiring. The design is slim and simple, intended to be minimally invasive. You can use the gauges for visual reference, or as a GO-NO GO verification.

Copper Wire Gauges (Red Color) 1990's to present.
Copper gauges are 3 pieces and cover the following:
Gauge 1 wire sizes: #14 #12 #10 #8
Gauge 2 wire sizes: #6 #4 #2 #1
Gauge 3 wire sizes: #1-0 #2-0

Aluminum Wire Gauges (Silver Color 0r White Color)
Aluminum wire gauges are 2 pieces and cover the following:
Gauge 1 wire sizes: Modern AL #6 #4 #2 #1
Gauge 2 wire sizes: Modern Compact AL SE #2-0 #4-0
Some aged wiring may have larger jackets. Service wire is the most common. Some specific brands used thicker insulation.

Old Copper Gauges (Green Color) 1950's thru 1980's
Old Copper gauges are 2 pieces and cover the following:
Gauge 1 wire sizes: #14 #12 #10 #8
Gauge 2 wire sizes: #6 #4 #2 #1

Instructions for Use

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Safety First!
Use of these products is not intended or designed for live or energized electrical wiring or devices. In doing so, you could cause damage, injury, or death by electrocution. Always ensure the wiring or equipment you check is de-energized or has no power. Correct PPE should also be worn when performing any work or inspections around electrical components.

The wire gauge sets are designed to be used as a general determination, and accuracy cannot be guaranteed. This set should work with most NM or residential style wiring within the last 20 years.
​Due to different manufacturers and sizes, it's impossible to accommodate all different types of wiring used.
Also keep in mind older wiring had a thicker insulation, therefore the gauges supplied will not work with many older wires.
Do not force gauges onto wiring or into tight spaces. Doing so can cause breakage or damage to wiring/devices. IF the gauge doesn't fit with ease, then its either an older wire with thicker insulation or it not the correct size. 

Liability Release
By clicking the I agree checkbox at the top of this page and purchasing these gauges, you agree to the terms and conditions of the gauges. These gauges are designed to help determine sizing or thickness of wires. You the purchaser understand that inserting any device into an electrical panel, or using on live or energized electrical wiring and/or devices can cause damage, potential fire, injury, electric shock or death. We will not be held liable for your actions, and you agree that Inspection Gauges and Fogarty Inspection Services Group LLC, or any associated persons or resellers is not responsible for your actions, and you agree to hold us harmless.  You also acknowledge you understand the liability that can occur by using these devices, and accept full responsibility when using these products.  Any persons purchasing these plastic tools should have the training and understanding of electrical and how to safely inspect electrical systems. 

You also acknowledge that these gauges do not cover all types or ages of wiring, and should not be used for quantitative reliability. They are intended to be used as an estimated guess of accuracy.   we cannot be held liable for your actions, in the event you determine a wire size incorrectly, or cause damage to personal property, or injury/death in the event of doing so. 

Personal protection should always be used when working around electrical devices and wires. 

I agree to the terms and accept full liability for my own actions when using these gauges. 

 Please note that color may vary slightly.


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