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Ideal E-Z Check® Plus GFCI Circuit Tester

Ideal E-Z Check® Plus GFCI Circuit Tester

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  • Tests for correct wiring, open Ground, reverse polarity, open hot, open neutral, hot on neutral, hot and ground reversed with open hot in 3-wire, 120VAC circuits
  • Simulates ground fault for testing GFCIs
  • No-slip ergonomic design maximizes comfort
  • Premium neon lamps prevent false readings
  • Tough, impact-resistant case
  • 2-year warranty

E-Z Check Plus G.F.C.I. Tester

  • Super-bright indicator lights
  • Impact-resistant plastic construction
  • Convenient “push-pull” shape

Tests For

  • Open Ground
  • Hot on neutral and hot open
  • Hot and ground reversed
  • Reverse polarity
  • Test for G.F.C.I.
  • Open neutral*
  • Open hot

*May show as reverse polarity on some G.F.C.I. protected outlets.

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