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FLIR E96 Advanced Thermal Camera

FLIR E96 Advanced Thermal Camera

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The FLIR E95 has the sensitivity and resolution you need to diagnose electrical faults, find hidden deficiencies, and keep your workplace running smoothly. This thermal imaging camera offers high-performance features, such as laser-assisted autofocus and on-screen area measurement, plus 161,472 (464 x 348) points of temperature measurement and wide temperature ranges, up to 1500°C. The E95 has a superior spot-size ratio and is sensitive enough to detect minute temperature differences.

Wide Temperature Ranges
E95 offers temperature ranges up to 1500°C (2732°F), for steel mills and other applications that require accurate high temperature measurement.

Intelligent Autocal™ Optics
FLIR engineered all new lenses for the E95 that you can auto-calibrate to your camera and share between cameras.

Streamlined Reporting
Customizable work folders, a built-in mic for voice annotation, and report generation features all help the E95 streamline your workday.

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