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TOBOR X-BOT Inspection Crawler Robot

TOBOR X-BOT Inspection Crawler Robot

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Representing the latest in technology, the XBOT robots perform inspections from crawlspaces below to roofs high above—even in unsafe, compromised structures. Hi-def videos, photos, and sensor suite readouts are broadcast in real time, providing the most accurate, efficient, and safe inspection possible. Gathered data is stored for a full record of the inspection and automatically organized into individual job folders. Straight- forward operation, low maintenance, and optional extended warranty make XBOT robots the smart and easy tool you need. 

Available in three models, the Xtreme, the Optimus, and the Xplorer. Or, build your own and add just the features want (Contact Us for details on this)


Main differences between models, full feature list located at bottom of page:

Xplorer Robot
The most basic model
Includes a simple tilt/pan camera, no zoom
Only includes the tire package
8" tablet included

Includes camera with pan/tilt and 5x optical zoom
Includes Never-Stuck drive system
Tire package or tread package
10" tablet included

Fully loaded model
Comes with the standard pan/tilt camera without zoom
Also includes an 18x zoom 1920x1280 HD camera
Includes Never-Stuck drive system
Includes a laser for taking measurements
Includes a forward sensor for measuring distance
Tire package or tread package
10" tablet included 


Optional Accessories
Tread Package or Tire Package (no additional cost)
Magnetic Tread Package (+$50)
22' Lift Pole for placing the robot on a roof (+$279)
Backup/Replacement Battery (+$69)
Warranty Options Depending on Model


Tobor Xbot Specs

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