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Capstone Inspection Reporting Software by

Capstone Inspection Reporting Software by

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Capstone Home Inspection Reporting Software


A Dynamic PDF home inspection report that you can Customize, Expand as Needed, Complete and Save using the FREE Adobe Reader.  Capstone is the premier choice for Windows and Mac users.

Dynamic PDF with ERUR is the latest in PDF technology.  Dynamic means you can expand the report as needed and sub-category drop-downs are contextual (that is, they are based on the main category title). ERUR, or Extended Reader Usage Rights, allows the user to save the completed report to a PDF file and perform other powerful functions not available in other types of PDFs.

Standard PDF Home Inspection Reports do not allow you to save the completed report as a PDF file.  They require you to print the report on paper. 

A PDF with Extended Reader Usage Rights gives you the ability to save your report electronically as a PDF that you can e-mail or write to a CD.  Of course, you can also print as many copies as you want, any time you want.


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