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ProLab Mold Tests

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Choose from PRO5, PRO10, Swab, or BioTape with same-day lab analysis included, for just $27.50 per kit.

About PRO5

The PRO5 sampling cassette is a first-line mold screening tool that efficiently and reliably collects mold. It can be easily used by home inspectors to get preliminary information on whether a mold problem may exist and further investigation is warranted.

ThePRO5 is a spore trap impactor that uses slit impaction as the collection mechanism. This reliable, industry recognized method allows for superior mold spore collection.

PRO5 Advantages

  • The PRO5 slit impaction collection method is the industry recognized method for superior mold collection.
  • Quick 5 x 5 sampling (5 LPM for 5 minutes)
  • Works with any pump set at a flow of 5 LPM
  • An easy replacement for competitive products that over-promise and under deliver

About PRO10
The PRO10 is designed for the rapid collection of a wide range of airborne aerosols including mold spores, pollen, insect parts, skin cells, fibers and inorganic particulate. A minimum of two (2) cassettes are required for proper sampling. One for the outdoor (base line) sample and one per area of concern in the indoor testing area. PRO10 can be used with any standard off-the-shelf area sampling pump capable of drawing 15 LPM open flow.

About Swabs
Swabs are used to collect samples of suspected mold contamination. These sterile swabs are individually sealed to prevent cross contamination and are easy to ship with your air samples. Once received at the lab the swab can be analyzed via direct microscopic examination , cultured or cultured for species identification.

About the Lab Analysis & Reports

Same-day lab analysis included. The PRO-LAB AIHA accredited laboratory report includes easy to interpret data on charts, graphs, mold glossary, and the only report in the industry where the laboratory makes a determination of the results so you don't have to.

About PRO-LAB®

PRO-LAB® is the official InterNACHI lab, offering laboratory testing services for mold, radon, lead, allergen, asbestos, and drinking water pollutants. Staffed with Certified Indoor Air Quality Professionals, Radon Measurement Specialists and Chemists, PRO-LAB® has the knowledge and experience to assist in any environmental investigations. PRO-LAB® is the first laboratory to offer all lab supplies bundled together with the lab analysis fees for simplified processing.

Operating Procedures

PRO5 Standard Operating Procedures
  • Remove the caps from both ends of the PRO5
  • Attach the vinyl tubing from pump to bottom of the PRO5 (where round cap was inserted)
  • Turn pump on
  • Calibrate pump before each use making sure that the bottom of the stainless steel ball in the flow-meter is sitting above the 5-liter line marker
  • Listen for suction
  • Run pump for 5 minutes

Exclusively from PRO-LAB, InterNACHI's official environmental laboratory